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"Hi I'm Colleen", I'm a Certified Life Coach, and Esoteric Healing Practitioner. I blend Coaching and Healing into one modality to help women heal and thrive on all levels of the human energy system through empowerment of the Chakras.


I believe that wellness is a balance of all 7 levels of our being as represented by the chakras. Women hold the power to shape their lives, and all women can heal and become free and empowered. 


I’m known for my passion for holistic health, the chakras, energy medicine, art, mothering, barefoot running, unconventional thinking, and believing in the potential of everyone! I am also an Artist, mom of 3, and wife of 31 years. I love all things health and healing and am dedicated to your transformational journey.  


As an innovative creative I share my gifts through my signature coaching programs: The Stuck To Soulful Method (SSM), a 90 day empowerment transformation through the Chakras, The Ascension Program, healing beyond SSM, and The Butterfly Effect, month to month life coaching for freedom, wellness, and empowerment.


I have been blessed with a spirit of joy and uncompromising faith in the soul’s journey to freedom, wellness, and empowerment. I am devoted to helping women heal their bodies and their lives. Together we can co create a path to your health, highest purpose, potential, and joy.

My credentials reflect my passions: Energy Healing, Human Potential Coaching & Creativity

I'm an ICF Certified Coach, (CCTAC) through Coach Training Alliance, Certified Esoteric Healing Practitioner, Institute for Bioenergy Studies

Certified Reiki & Reiki Healing Dance Practitioner, Avanti Healing Arts & Usui Reiki

MFA University of Chicago

BFA Washington University

Certified Art Educator

OCA Certified Graduate, and

Graduate of Marie Forleo's B School  


I am a lifelong student of the science of creation. I am continually expanding my knowledge and experience through study, meditation and practice to support you on your awakening journey.

All people can be well, free, empowered, and joyous!

All things are possible!

Holistic Healing & Empowerment Coach. Transformational journey through the chakras

I help women get off Autopilot to heal and thrive mentally, physically, and spiritually through empowerment of the chakras.

To get started, book a free consultation to see if we're a good fit, I look forward to meeting and learning about you!

New Monthly Coaching Tune Up Session I'm happy to introduce a new monthly coaching session to maintain your growth in SSM or AP!

  • Assess & balance your chakras

  • Strategize to achieve new milestones 

  • Gain support & clarity on new wellness issues.

The rapport and growth we have experienced working together provides a perfect foundation for continued healing and support.


A monthly check in can keep on your soulpath, help you avoid self sabotage, and give you the love and support you deserve.


I will help you continue to update your programs at each chakra to align with your highest self vision. I am here for you! 


Schedule a free consultation to learn about 6 month and 12 month options.

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My Method

"Universal principles of empowerment."

All people can heal, and be well, free, and empowered.  I'm on a mission to help women transcend the illusions of negative programming and discover their innate power, a power with seven specific aspects corresponding to the 7 energy centers: the chakras. We are a body, mind, soul composite, and wellbeing includes balance of all 7 chakras.

The Rainbow Journey of healing and empowerment through the chakras is a journey to reclaim your innate, powerful self at each level of your chakra system. This is the soul's journey of awakening and healing on all 7 levels of your energy system. It will take you deep within yourself to understand your beliefs, fears, what you really want and what stands in your way.

 Such a journey is healing, freeing, empowering and joyful; but can also, be daunting, isolating, confusing, and scary. Guidance and the chakra system make this lifesaving and awakening journey to the Self so much easier. My methods and programs will help you organize your consciousness, figure out where you are, and how to get where you want to go.

Autopilot (subconscious living), keeps you stuck in beliefs, patterns, and behaviors that stifle your life force and hold you back from creating the life and health you want. My coaching approach is to support you to awaken to the present, become aware of your programs at each level of your chakras, and rewrite those that are too negative for you. I'll teach you the universal principles of the chakras, how the chakras affect the health of body, mind and soul, and how to use this newfound awareness, and understanding to direct your energy into what you want, returning your power and authority to yourself. Empowerment of the chakras will allow you to heal, access your highest self, and fulfill your potential.

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Work With Me

The Butterfly Effect

Get month to month coaching and accountability! Use The Butterfly Effect to try life coaching short term, or maintain hard earned results from the SSM or Ascension Programs.


In this program I use 1:1 coaching to

help you clarify and set SMART goals, meet milestones, and provide support and accountability to maintain your growth and breakthrough to new levels.


Small changes make a big difference!

The Butterfly Effect Program is a 1 month renewable coaching package, and includes:

-Weekly 1:1 Coaching sessions,

-Unlimited support via messaging

-Weekly accountability check ins

-Weekly Progress Tracking. 

Empowering you to achieve your goals

The Stuck to Soulful Method

Heal and thrive on all levels through empowerment of the chakras. This 90 day empowerment transformation blends coaching and healing into one modality to help you heal and create freedom and wellness.

SSM includes:

-8 educational modules, supplemental trainings and videos, empowering you to use the universal principles of the chakras to heal your mind, body, and soul

-Weekly homework and healing practices

-Weekly 1:1 Coaching sessions,

-Unlimited support via messaging

-Weekly accountability check ins

-Weekly Progress measuring and tracking. This is the rainbow Journey of Awakening to the power of the self!

Ascension Program - Beyond SSM

The Ascension program is a sister program to SSM and continues the journey of personal empowerment and spiritual awakening.

The Ascension Program is designed to continue to support you on your unique rainbow journey to freedom, wellness, and empowerment, and to build on the Stuck to Soulful Method (SSM).

The journey to empowerment is unique and ever unfolding for each individual. Choose the support that works best for you. You may find that you need continued support to maintain your growth and push beyond new barriers.


The 1, 3, and 6 month options are designed to support you to complete the work you have begun in the SSM, and to continue to support you long term if needed. I am here for you!


The Ascension Program is offered as an additional 1, 3, or 6 months program with the following deliverables:


  • 1:1 Weekly, or bi weekly coaching sessions

  • On demand messaging support in Slack

  • Chakra reassessment: where are you now?

  • Expanded minitrainings on Breath, Charge, and the vibrational energies of the elements of Chakras through bodywork 

  • Healing practices for specific Chakras and unfinished work from SSM 

  • Help harmonizing the Chakras for continued spiritual growth: how the Chakras interact

  • Accountability for consistent progress on identified goals

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"After I began working with Colleen my life became more focused and manageable, and my courage evolved allowing me to meet my goals. Colleen is a teacher, guide and healer who possesses encouraging energy and profound gentleness. She assisted me to move through the barriers that were blocking my ability to live effectively."


"Hi Colleen! Just wanted to say hello and thank you for all of the amazing resources you are providing. I am feeling so alive, present, and engaged in my life!! What a liberating feeling."

"I can't imagine how you could support me anymore than you are doing already. 
Your patience and optimism, compassion and sense of humor all help soothe my jangling nerves that can block my progress."

It's great to have a structure, a framework within which to do self analysis and healing on my own terms. I love how open to everything you are so that I don't feel judged for my honest assessments of myself. It helps me believe in myself and my abilities. It's actually reassuring to be doing this work. Thank you!



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